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Our Properties...


The views from all of our properties are breathtaking!  

Mt. Blanca rises high above the floor 

of the World's largest alpine valley.


From sunrise to sunset, Southern Colorado 

presents an ever changing skyline and landscape.


  Mother Nature presents Southern Colorado's 

pristine beauty via tall pines to sage brush.  

From wild flowers to fossils and wildlife. 

Private Airstrip


We have parcels of land available for purchase
which are located adjacent to our very own airstrip.
These lots have been designed so that owners may
taxi right into their private hanger built on their property.


Nautical Coordinates for the Grass Airstrip




Because undeveloped land is sometimes difficult 

to finance, Melby Ranch Properties offers 

owner financing.  Many landowners

find this a most important asset  in the 

decision to purchase dream home property.


Sanchez Reservoir


Melby Ranch Properties is located on the 

Western edge of the Sanchez Reservoir.
Melby Ranch land owners have access to some 

of the best fishing in Southern Colorado.
We are also pleased to offer private lake lots.
Just contact our office to learn more!


(888) 316-LAND (5263)


The Wild Horse Mesa Non-Denomination Chapel


The original subdeveloper, Great American Properties, set aside land where a non-denomination church was built for those who seek a place of spiritual worship.


For an idea of the projects that Melby Ranch Properties is now
undertaking for our community, please see the "Current Projects" Page.



If you would like further information via email, please include your
address and phone number and we will be happy to contact you.