Coordinates to the Grass Airstrip 



From Taos New Mexico:

Taos Omni 

38 Nautical Miles on the 25 Degree Radial

Ch. 122.80



From Alamosa, Colorado:

Alamosa Omni

23 Nautical Miles on the 116 Degree Radial




Latitude - 37 Degree, 3 Minutes, 54 Seconds

Longitude - 105 Degree, 27 Minutes, 49 Seconds

Runway Heading - 210 Magnetic

Field Elevation - 8,820


7,200 feet long, 40 Foot wide grass strip

with additional 15 foot roadway on each side.




Limited parcels of land are still available 

adjacent to the airstrip. 



If you would like further information via email, please include your
address and phone number and we will be happy to contact you.